I had the pleasure of visiting villagers at the Bay of Bengal in India an area severely affected by the tsunami of December 2004. This visit was a follow-up to a conference I had co-facilitated and presented BodyTalk at, in Auroville in December 2005. Inspired by the beautiful disposition of the natives it was my wish to return to the area to treat these people whose lives had been changed so dramatically by the tsunami.

With the help of a friend I treated women and a few children using mainly BodyTalk, in the Village Action Group Center of Irum Bai. In order to help them help themselves in times of stress and crisis, we taught them some basic BodyTalk Access techniques. I was thrilled with how engaged and interested these women were and the amount of skill and knowledge they retained.

I discovered that many of the health issues of the villagers are similar to the ones we experience here in the West, for example: migraine headaches, digestive disturbances, menstrual problems, and muscle tension. I believe the Access techniques can make a huge difference with these people.

Since that time, I have been hoping to be able to go back there. I have been told that are several thousand students now waiting to learn BodyTalk Access.

Katrin Bergstrom, M.D.