I had just arrived home after a month long trip to Zambia, a peaceful but very poor country in Southern Africa. I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Africa, and I wanted to share the gift of BodyTalk in the different ways I was able to while I was there. About a week after I arrived, I began volunteering in the Pediatric Ward in the rural village of Macha, performing BodyTalk Access on the babies and children. It was quite an experience, and I saw many wonderful results in the children from the work.

I then traveled to Livingstone, where, after visiting the famous Victoria Falls, I taught the first BodyTalk Access class in Zambia to a home for girls who had escaped sexual abuse. I also worked at the Lubasi Home Orphanage helping children perform BodyTalk Access on each other, since I had less than two hours to work with 50 of them! All the children said they felt “relaxed,” felt their “brains buzzing” and experienced either massive reduction or a complete disappearance of pain from the use of the techniques. Wherever I went in Zambia, I was required to have a minister or medical doctor with me, as the greatest challenge in introducing BodyTalk Access was overcoming the overwhelming association with Africa’s traditional healers, superstition and witchcraft.

After Livingstone, I returned to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and volunteered for two weeks at an HIV clinic. This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce BodyTalk Access to many, many people. I was able to help relieve both patients and staff members of pain using BodyTalk Access and standard BodyTalk sessions. Patients experienced either full or partial relief of pain, noticeable relaxation, improved and expanded breathe cycles and increased well-being. Patients frequently exhibited immediate sweating, twitching, numbness, or a release of strange and strong odors, as well as new areas of sensation appearing and disappearing while receiving the BodyTalk techniques. One woman returned to me two days after receiving BodyTalk Access because she had slept “so, so well” since receiving BodyTalk and she wanted more. The physicians took notice of the relief experienced by both patients and staff at the clinic, and word spread to the Director who requested I return to train all the nurses in the BodyTalk Access techniques! I look forward to building on the foundations and relationships established during this trip to help integrate BodyTalk Access into Zambia’s current medical system, as well as empowering all Zambians with techniques to improve their health and well-being at all levels.

Story submitted by Dr. Lauren Brim, Certified BodyTalk Instructor