BodyTalk Outreacher Gemma Bunag realized that word-of-mouth could be a very effective vehicle for promoting BodyTalk. What follows is part of her joyous adventure with children in Nueva Ecija where her husband originates. Here is Gemma’s story:

Gemma Bunag does the BodyTalk Cortices technique on a child.

At first there were three, then there were 14—young boys and girls from the neighborhood. They were little barefoot doctors who became our Outreach group. My husband Dolps, a retired certified nurse and and Access technician, and I began teaching them Cortices, slowly going through the routine and telling them its benefits.

They quickly caught on. The following morning, they came early, bringing with them their brothers and sisters, so we spent the whole morning demonstrating the Cortices. They kept coming on subsequent days and our Outreach turned into a regular class. We organized other activities and we had so much fun. The place rang with laughter, despite our social distancing. We had lessons on proper toothbrushing, how to prevent COVID, how to dress wounds. Because they kept coming, we also organized therapeutic activities, such as drawing, rock painting, storytelling, carpentry work, and games. At the start of each day, we remembered to tap out our Cortices.

Instinctively, they seemed to know the principle of energy exchange. They fixed our mailbox and made a table for us from bamboo stems. Often, they came back with baskets of green beans, native lemons, okra, gourd, eggplants and other vegetables from their backyard. “These are for the food and the things you do for us,” they said. We were so pleased, and one day we cooked an eggplant omelet for breakfast right away! It was delicious!

Dolps and I always talked to them about health care, especially at this time of the pandemic. One day, Dolps took out his acupuncture doll and they became excited. They wanted to learn more about how energy healing worked. They had a lot of questions. “Does energy die? Does water spoil!?” Amang asked. They were hard questions. They remained enthusiastic and would practice their learnings on their parents and grandparents. Acel, the oldest, reported that her grandfather was so pleased with her massage work that he gave her a whopping ten pesos (20 cents) as a reward, and she used it to buy her favorite grilled fish!

One of the mothers heard of our work and I did a full BodyTalk session for her glaucoma. Another woman farmer asked for a session for her C-section. Word had gotten around that we did good work. A store owner will recruit other adults so we can have a BodyTalk Access outreach class next month, when the lockdown is lifted.

“At this point, our barangay (rural municipality) is the only area in the town of Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija that is COVID free!”

And it all started with three out-of-school children and a round of Cortices!

Story submitted by Gemma Bunag

Gemma Bunag is a registered nurse who had trained in several healing modalities until she found BodyTalk through Canadian BodyTalk Practitioner and Access Trainor Dorothy Friesen in 2010 and decided this was the most comprehensive and advanced healing modality that resonated with her. She has staffed BodyTalk weekly clinics at the Malate church and at the San Ildefonso church parish in Makati.