To utilize our global diversity to fulfill a role of service through two priorities of excellence:

Outreach Programs providing the necessary resources to promote and sustain the dissemination of BodyTalk Access worldwide. This humanitarian effort seeks to make high quality basic healthcare accessible to people everywhere, regardless of personal economics. We intend to eliminate the global barriers that presently deny excellent healthcare and improved quality of life to so many.

Scientific Research through third party research studies, clearly demonstrating sustainable advances in energy medicine in general and the BodyTalk System, in particular. This will establish BodyTalk as a cutting edge healthcare modality within the realm of mainstream healthcare. As a globally recognized component of healthcare our focus is to continue promoting and evolving healthcare standards while staying true to our philosophy of patient equality.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
Daniel Cross • Executive Director

Annual Month of Giving


Our dream is to have someone in every family worldwide using BodyTalk Access by the year 2025.