Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte, has famously warned he would shoot troublemakers — those who violate military rules during government-imposed lockdowns — so the Metro Manila streets are empty and groups do not gather anymore for any reason.

But the BodyTalk Outreachers, who are determined to continuing bringing BodyTalk to the people during these trying times, are still determined to be on the frontlines during this pandemic.

Every day since mid-March, BodyTalk practitioners have been meeting in messenger “chat” rooms to plan remote BodyTalk sessions for frontline workers, to exchange sessions, and to share BodyTalk knowledge and experiences.

It has been an inspiring and energizing few weeks despite the social isolation. Reinforcing these efforts are distance (remote) healing sessions for the Filipino BodyTalk matrix initiated by our BodyTalk mentor and friend Dorothy Friesen in Winnipeg (the founder of the BodyTalk Outreach work in the Philippines). Dorothy was followed by Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner Elizabeth Hanson of North Dakota. We are truly grateful!

Each day, before sundown, we “gather” remotely to do a collective BodyTalk Access session after a public demonstration at 5:00 p.m. on how to apply the BodyTalk Cortices technique on self and others. This demonstration is done over Facebook in simple language, with each practitioner giving his or her unique take on the self-healing technique. It can be enchanting (with fireflies and night creatures chirping in the background) or it can be funny (with dogs mixing and singing a second voice). It can sound very professional (with visuals and subtitles) or grand (with people lined up and breathing deeply as in a cast of a Broadway play).

In all these, however, the singular focus is on healing those on the frontlines both here in the United States, the Philippines and abroad. A number of healthcare workers have already asked for sessions, and thousands have been reached by word of mouth.

Julius, a BodyTalk Access technician who performs the set of five Access techniques on himself daily, says he focuses on his aunt in the United States, who was taking care of a COVID-19 patient. They are in constant touch these days, and his aunt assures him that she is well and strong— and thanks him for our remote BodyTalk Access sessions.

Story submitted by Marilen Abesamis