During government-imposed lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte famously warned that he would shoot troublemakers, referring to any person who violates military rule. As a result, Metro Manila’s streets were empty, and groups of people would no longer gather for any reason.

But, even amid these restricting circumstances, BodyTalk Outreachers were determined to be on the frontlines, knowing that they could help those in need with BodyTalk treatments and BodyTalk Access during the pandemic.

To support these frontline workers, BodyTalk practitioners were meeting remotely, daily, in messenger “chat” rooms to organize and offer remote BodyTalk sessions to them, exchange sessions with each other, and share BodyTalk knowledge and experiences. Each day, before sundown, after a public demonstration on applying the BodyTalk Cortices technique on self and others, BodyTalkers performed a joint BodyTalk Access session for the frontline workers. Participants said this special time was sometimes enchanting (with fireflies and night creatures chirping in the background), occasionally funny (with dogs singing in a second voice), sometimes very professional (with visuals and subtitles), and sometimes grand (with people lined up and breathing deeply as the cast of a Broadway play).

However, in all these online gatherings, the singular focus was always on healing those on the frontlines—in the Philippines, the United States, and abroad. Some healthcare workers had directly asked for sessions for themselves, and thousands of others were reached by word of mouth.

It was an inspiring and energizing effort despite the social isolation. Reinforcing these projects were remote healing sessions for the Filipino BodyTalk matrix initiated by the founder of the BodyTalk Outreach program, Dorothy Friesen, in Winnipeg, Canada. Dorothy was followed by Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner Elizabeth Hanson of North Dakota. The Filipino BodyTalk matrix was deeply grateful.

Julius, a BodyTalk Access technician who performs the five BodyTalk Access techniques on himself daily, said that he focused on his aunt in the United States during the online gatherings. She was taking care of a COVID-19 patient. He was lucky enough to be in regular contact with his aunt, who could reassure him that she was staying healthy and strong. She thanked him regularly for the remote BodyTalk Access sessions offered by him and the larger group.

Story submitted by Marilen Abesamis