Going One Year Strong: BodyTalk Outreach for Rural Children

One year ago, we shared the beautiful work being done by BodyTalk Outreach worker Gemma Bunag and her husband Dolps. During the pandemic, they started inviting out-of-school children to their farm in the rural area of Nueva Ecija, Phillipines to gather, play, learn and practice BodyTalk Access. The group of children attending grew quickly.

Children Exchange Food for BodyTalk Training

BodyTalk Outreacher Gemma Bunag realized that word-of-mouth could be a very effective vehicle for promoting BodyTalk. What follows is part of her joyous adventure with children in Nueva Ecija where her husband originates. Here is Gemma’s story: Gemma Bunag does the BodyTalk Cortices technique on a child. At first there were three,

BodyTalk for Farm Community During Pandemic

As other BodyTalk practitioners and Instructors around the world settled in to start teaching BodyTalk courses online and offering BodyTalk sessions through their computers, two of our BodyTalk Outreachers in the Phillipines decided to return to their farms and see how they could integrate BodyTalk into their farming lives. Here is the story of

BodyTalk for Volcano Victims

2020 for the BodyTalk Outreachers in the Philippines began with a roar! On January 12, 2020, Taal Volcano which sits on a cool blue lake in Batangas, suddenly erupted, spewing fire and ashfall to as far as a 30-mile radius on the island of Luzon. Philippine BodyTalk Outreachers wasted no time in assisting hapless

BodyTalk Helps Super Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Vamco, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Ulysses, hit Manila on November 11, 2020. It was a powerful and deadly Category 4-equivalent typhoon that caused the worst flooding in Metro Manila in 10 years. Sixty-nine people died, tens of thousands of families lost their homes in the raging floods, and some people are

Distance Healing in the Time of Coronavirus

When CNN was calling New York State the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic, an email came to BodyTalk Access Trainer and Practitioner, Remar Soliza, in the Philippines. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Soliza had been offering BodyTalk sessions to COVID-19 patients together with other Filipino BodyTalk practitioners. The letter from New York

Supporting BodyTalk on the Philippine Frontlines

During government-imposed lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte famously warned that he would shoot troublemakers, referring to any person who violates military rule. As a result, Metro Manila’s streets were empty, and groups of people would no longer gather for any reason.But, even amid these restricting circumstances, BodyTalk Outreachers

Fast Response to Poor Breathing

On April 7, 2020, as the global cases of COVID-19 surged, the wards at a hospital in Quezon City, Philippines, were full, and Mara, 27, a local resident, was turned away. She was having a hard time breathing, had no appetite, and could no longer speak. Desperate, her sister Marilou called on BodyTalk practitioners

BodyTalk Access in Zambia

I had just arrived home after a month long trip to Zambia, a peaceful but very poor country in Southern Africa. I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Africa, and I wanted to share the gift of BodyTalk in the different ways I was able to while I was there. About a

BodyTalk Outreach Growth in Manila

"Most workers in the Philippines hardly make ends meet," said Access Trainers Remar Soliza and Alan Along, Filipino Certified BodyTalk Practitioners (CBPs). Soliza and Along engaged 31 workers in a BodyTalk Access Outreach event in Metro Manila (some of whom are pictured below). "They receive less than 10 dollars a day and have no

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