Yesterday, the wards at the local hospital were full, and Mara, 27, a resident in Quezon City, was turned away. She had a hard time breathing, had no appetite and no longer spoke. Desperate, her sister Marilou called on BodyTalk practitioners and Outreachers Judy Mapua Dytiandu and Remar Soliza to do a remote BodyTalk session for Mara.

Soliza promptly responded from his home, providing her with a session right away.

Today, Marilou writes:

“Mara woke up looking fresh, with color on her face. She can now eat and drink some milk. But most significantly she now responds when we talk to her! We hope she is on a path to full recovery!”

Since the national lockdown on March 15, 2020, BodyTalk practitioners have been offering free remote sessions to those who ask for it. Nightly, they gather on Zoom to tap, offering a collective BodyTalk Access session for those on the frontlines everywhere around the globe. They also give daily demonstrations of the self-healing Cortices technique (on their Facebook page) and hope they can reach hundreds of thousands by the end of the lockdown.


Story submitted by Marilen Abesamis