As other BodyTalk practitioners and Instructors around the world settled in to start teaching BodyTalk courses online and offering BodyTalk sessions through their computers, two of our BodyTalk Outreachers in the Phillipines decided to return to their farms and see how they could integrate BodyTalk into their farming lives. Here is the story of Remar Soliza in his own words (also see Gemma’s story here).

One day, an old man was brought down on the back of a horse from the mountain property he farmed. The family in the town below met the sick uncle and was about to take him to the hospital when they saw me.

Given permission, I did a session on the frail old man inside the tricycle (a pedicab) which was the only transportation around town. After the tapping, the uncle recovered, and the family was surprised and overjoyed. The uncle no longer needed to be hospitalized, and they told others of the “miracle” that happened.

Today, I have elderly men and women waiting at our gate before I step out for work. Morning greeters typically are elderly women who, despite restrictions to seniors, rush to our gazebo to catch me before sunrise. On the town’s main road, where I park my vehicle, people also often wait for me, young and old who have heard of BodyTalk.

On one particular day, four women sat at my outdoor table saying they would feel worse if they just ate and slept all day in quarantine at home. I teased one of them, Rosita, 75, and told her that I had balanced her uterus and that therefore she could add two more children to her 10! They left laughing, but before leaving, pressed a small envelope into my palms and said it’s not good to refuse God’s grace.

On the way back from the farm, a little girl stopped me and asked for a follow-up session. I was happy to see that her bruises had healed and her wounds had dried up nicely.

It was a full day — and I thought my workday was over. But no. That night a rider on a bike came to pick me up. His father seemed to be having a heart attack, he said, with neck and shoulder pain — but he didn’t want to be confined at the hospital.

When I saw the client, his jaw was locked and he was hard of breathing. Innate showed a link to his heart oriented to worries. I tapped out the formula and at the end of the session, he burped and gave a long sigh of relief. The family was profuse with their thanks and I was happy to be of help. His name is Meds.

Story submitted by Remar Soliza

Remar Soliza says BodyTalk found him in the ruins of Haiyan (Yolanda in the Philippines) when he was doing mission work with the Redemptorist Fathers, of which he was a part. Since then he has participated in many Outreach workshops to teach the BodyTalk Access do-it-yourself healing techniques to needy communities in the Philippines.